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Functional Area’s Of the Brain

The area of brain tissue damaged by a stroke or traumatic injury will effect the survivor in certain ways:

FRONTAL LOBES – Planning/organising, problem solving, personality & behavioural control.

PARIETAL LOBES – Processing sensations, e.g touch, temperature or pain. Perception.

OCCIPITAL LOBE – Processing visual information from eyes.

CEREBELLUM – Coordinating smooth movement, balance & muscle coordination.

BRAIN STEM – Basic functions of life: Breathing, heart rate, blood pressure.

TEMPORAL LOBE – Memory, understanding & language e.g sounds, smells, pictures & faces, words & names.

Knowledge on the functional area’s of the brain can provide a better understanding of the individuals limitations and how best to help them make improvements.

As an independant ARNI (Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury) trainer, I offer an option for stroke survivors that have been discharged from hospital, or other healthcare, that want to continue their stroke recovery.

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