Poor posture, the way we hold ourselves, can cause muscular imbalances & stress on joints which over time can lead to pain & injury (inevitable if you’re weight training in poor postural positions).

Here is what contributes to these common types of poor posture with top tips for correcting:

SWAY BACK: Where the pelvis is pushed infront of the centre of gravity. Typically caused by combination of weak abdominal muscles, tight hamstrings & back muscles, stiff spine / pelvis.
Improve this poor posture by strengthening abdominal muscles to better support spine & releasing tight muscles with deep tissue massage.

LUMBAR LORDOSIS: Where there is an increased inner curvature of the lumbar spine (creating bum stuck out appearance). Often due to an imbalance between muscles surrounding pelvis (weak hip flexors versus tight back extensors).
Improve this poor posture by strengthening glutes, hamstrings & abdominal muscles which can help pull pelvis into proper alignment.

THORACIC KYPHOSIS: Curvature of the spine that causes the top of the back to appear more rounded than ususal. Habitual slouching in standing, sitting, whilst on computer etc is the usual culprit here. This could possibly also be characterised by lack of confidence or low self esteem.
Improve this poor posture by strengthening muscles of posterior chain, mobility exercises such as floor / wall angels, deep tissue massage to release tight chest muscles & conscientiously practicing good posture.

FORWARD HEAD: Where the position of head is infront of mid line of body. Similar to previous this is typically caused by habitually poking head forwards. Over time this causes imbalances in muscles of the neck.
Improve this poor posture by releasing key muscles in base of skull & neck then build strength in correct postural position using a variety of chin tuck positions.

Awareness is key, do you know which one you are?!

If you recognise any of the above work hard to correct ASAP as this will prevent or decrease pain, increase function & improve ability to do everyday activities with ease.

I am a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach based in Poole, Dorset.