100%FIT also work with local businesses:


“At Creditplus we believe in the welfare of our staff and a key point of that is their personal well being and fitness. Looking at short term sickness and smaller ailments such as flu I wanted to trial a programme whereby we provided

  • Stronger social interaction between colleagues
  • Worked on the principle “what the mind deals on the body follows” – in other words proactively get people fitter in mind and body
  • Look at the improved business benefits – improved productivity – less sick days taken – improved revenue results.

As our business is Motor Finance the business is made up of 3 elements – Sales – I.T and Marketing and Administration, we needed a fitness programme that would appeal to all staff across each department and allow each individual to work at their level, with the added benefit of encouraging and pushing on those staff members who had clear improvement goals.

Scott Exley at 100% Fit has delivered exactly this programme for us.

Additional benefits have also come from Scott’s personalisation – in that he has provided us with detox and healthy eating plans for those focusing on weight loss as well as strength programmes for other members of staff.

Results short term

Starting the programme created a good “Buzz” within the business, it was clear it would help with improved positive interaction between work colleagues. Particularly in the Sales part of our operation, staff have stopped their gym memberships in favour of a weekly programme covering 2 sessions per week as both the enjoyment and fitness benefits were greater than training at their own gym. We also noticed an improvement in focus from our sales staff attending the sessions, which whilst hard to quantify in monetary terms defiantly produces more in revenue than the fitness programme costs.

Longer term results

Individuals that started the programme and regularly attend are also proving to be our happiest and longer serving staff members, bring a good positive spirit and settled environment, leading to reduced staff turnover over the last year. It provides a further dimension to the workplace in that it provides a healthy and happy group of people.

I would highly recommend talking with Scott to design your company’s fitness and well being programme”.

Shaun Armstrong

Managing Director – Credit Plus – Poole, Dorset