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Wrinkles, grey hairs, aches and pains, slower recovery from exercise, late nights and especially alcohol… all reminders that I am now middle age, getting older and can no longer get away with what I used to!

These external signs and feelings of getting older can be difficult to ignore. As we age our cells simply do not recover and repair as quickly, they are also damaged much easier than when we were younger.

I’m only 42, but I know how important it is to remain in control of both my nutrition and exercise habits as this is what will keep my body in shape and functioning well, both inside and out. The unavoidable process of getting older and ageing automatically increases risk of several types of cancers, cardiovascular disease and means pretty much every other common illness also has a potentially more serious impact on our health.

Unfortunately many people still see getting older and ageing as a lost cause.They stop paying as much attention to maintaining a healthy weight, maintaining lean muscle tissue and providing the body with important nutrients. This is a slippery slope which leads to poorer function, worse health and a lower quality of life.

Don’t be one of those people! It’s never too late…you can make huge leaps forward in your health, physique, performance and quality of life at any age. If you need help & guidance just let me know!


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