Michael Johnson Stroke Recovery

Stroke Recovery Great to see Michael Johnson, one of my Athletics heroes, back on TV following his stroke last year. Being acutely aware of his body he felt irregularities during a training session so went straight to hospital. Crucially, this meant he was diagnosed, received the correct treatment & was able to begin physical therapy […]


Functional Area’s Of the Brain

Functional Area’s Of the Brain The area of brain tissue damaged by a stroke or traumatic injury will effect the survivor in certain ways: FRONTAL LOBES – Planning/organising, problem solving, personality & behavioural control. PARIETAL LOBES – Processing sensations, e.g touch, temperature or pain. Perception. OCCIPITAL LOBE – Processing visual information from eyes. CEREBELLUM – […]


What Is a Stroke?

What is a stroke? A stroke is a sudden interruption in the bood supply of the brain creating a ‘brain attack’, a serious, life threatening medical condition and a leading cause of death and disability in the UK. Symptoms can include: Sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arm, leg or on one side of […]