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Optimising recovery from exercise should be an integral part of any programme, especially currently with many people training with more frequency. This means that not only do we have to consider the right nutrition strategies to allow our muscles to recover; we have to consider how to protect our joints and programme our training to allow progress without overloading the body, resulting in a lack of progress, excessive fatigue and even injury.

A person’s ‘training age’ and experience is one of several key factors to assess when structuring a program for someone. This helps determine how adapted they already are to exercise stress. Therefore, directly influencing how much intensity they can safely train with, the training loads and volumes they can handle and how much recovery they require.

At Primitive Performance, we believe the key to good coaching and optimising recovery from exercise is to design individual programmes that work around  clients lifestyles, with planned progression to allow adaptation over time to increased training loads. In reality, this means making training sessions progressively more challenging as they become better adapted, more confident and we learn about their individual training and nutrition needs. Crucially, we want to keep them progressing without causing their body so much stress that they are at risk of injury, or feel so fatigued and broken down that the idea of training becomes challenging and demotivating.

From our knowlege and experience, we apply the scientific principles that ultimately govern our response to exercise, with the correct strategies at the correct time. This ensures consistent progression in performance, health and muscle growth and ultimately long term success for our clients.

Primitive Performance offer a bespoke online package including training programmes, diet plans and ongoing support to help you achieve your goals.



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