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Mental Health

The topic of mental health is one that is very often difficult for people to talk about. Mental health issues can manifest themselves through all stages of our life, but at certain times we are more at risk than others and what was once often passed off as a ‘mid-life crisis’ can, for some people, manifest itself in some awful ways.

When our work and family responsibilities are at, or reaching their peak, pressure both mentally and financially can get to us all. Even the most apparently  ‘mentally tough’ people feel this, just many are good at hiding it. For our generation it is often seen as weakness or unacceptable to show signs that we are under stress and to create an outlet to discuss our feelings and current mind set.

One important realisation I had personally was that although I wanted to be a ‘strong’ husband and parent, things are easier as part of a team. Having the right people around to discuss things with, be that friends, family or a partner is crucially important to our mental health. I’d encourage those who don’t have this support structure and someone to vent at in place to seek out proper support.

As a coach most of what I do isn’t training people or nutrition, it is the psychological aspects that are most important. Not just motivation, but determining my client’s mind-set and sometimes just being a non-judgemental, impartial ear to talk to.

Whatever your goal, the most important foundation is to be healthy and this is not just to be physically strong and in shape, the mental aspect is often the most important factor that underpins our success in the gym, in life and our happiness.  So, if you do struggle with stress, anxiety, anger issues or depression, I encourage you to get help… it is there if you ask for it. Be kind to yourself, keep working on yourself and never give up!

I am a personal trainer based in Poole, Dorset working with and supporting individuals and small groups in all areas of fitness, health and lifestyle.


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