Exercise Rehabilitation Programmes

At RecoveryPro I have developed my exercise rehabilitation programmes service over a number of years. I worked with a Physiotherapy practice based in the Poole and Bournemouth area for 13 years as part of the community rehabilitation team. As I worked with qualified physios closely for so many years I have gained invaluable knowledge about how the body works and responds to various methods of treatment.

I am NOT a qualified physiotherapist, but I have put the experience I gained working with some of the best in the country into my rehabilitation programmes. This combined with my in-depth knowledge of strength and conditioning mean that my exercise rehabilitation programmes contain a combination of rehab exercises as well as strength training. This combination, and my attention to detail in teaching correct execution for every exercise, help clients make the best progress possible with my techniques.

The most important thing I strive for is to build or regain strength in problem or important areas. I do this because it stabilises, protects and improves ease of movement for my clients recovering from operations, injury or managing conditions. I will tailor all methods specifically for you, depending on your level of fitness and what your goals are. My top priority is to create a safe and secure environment for clients to start exercise rehabilitation programmes. Some want or need to work with me every session, others are happy to take a programme away and work on it for an agreed amount of time before meeting again to further develop the programme to help continue progression.  This is down to personal choice or circumstances, I have helped clients make significant progress both ways.

I have experience with the following:

·     Strokes ·     Parkinsons
·     Cerebral Palsy ·     Brain Damage
·     Paralysis ·     Joint Replacements
·     Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy ·     Central Core Disease
·     Broken Bones ·     Balance
·     Building Confidence

·     Muscular / connective tissue injuries

·     Postural Problems

·     Back Injuries

"Fitter, Faster, Stronger"

“I was paralysed from the waist down as a result of a virus and had Scott as part of my rehab. He got me back onto my feet and playing football again, fitter, faster, stronger and in better shape than before. Great guy and a pleasure to be trained by.”

Matt Foreman

"Scott has been an invaluable help"

“Scott has been an invaluable help to my husband who suffers from Parkinsons Disease. He has been helping him to return to fitness after a series of falls, a broken hip and a stroke. He has a charming manner and endless patience. Over the last few months we have seen a great improvement in my husband’s general strength and fitness.”

Sue Stead

"The work we've done is unbelieveable"

“Three years ago I was introduced to Scott through my physio to continue my progress before and after major surgery. Three years on and the work we’ve done is unbelieveable. When we first started Scott researched, planned and devised a programme that perfectly fitted my disability. Every few months Scott pushes me harder and changes our sessions to conceontrate on certain areas that need improving. I have never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed and trust Scott 100% with my sometimes complex muscle diseases. I feel like I achieve something in every workout and it keeps me mentally positive.

If you live around the Poole and Bournemouth area and are looking for exercise rehabilitation for yourself, someone in your family or a friend then I recommend Scott.”

Tiffany Watson

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