I am a UKSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach.

I regularly invest time & money into CPD (continual professional development),attending courses, seminars and workshops to keep up to date with the latest research and evolution of all things Strength & Conditioning.

This enables 100%FIT Strength & Conditioning to provide the best possible service giving you maximum results from your time with us.

"Champion trainer for champion athletes!"

"Being a former Kickboxing World Champion and still competitive at a high level in combat sports, I understand the importance of intelligent, functional and effective training.

This is exactly what Scott Exley provides me with on a weekly basis! Highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic I could not recommend this man enough...

Champion trainer for champion athletes!"

Mo Kargbo

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Strength & Conditioning Coaching

A Strength & Conditioning coach is slightly different to the average personal trainer, they have advanced skills in analysing the specific needs of your chosen sport and the biomechanical demands that it places on your body. At 100%FIT Strength & Conditioning we will assess your current levels of performance and from that create a detailed training programme helping you bridge the gap to the level you want to be.

Our programmes make the very best use of the latest research in the field of Strength & Conditioning. Sessions tend to work on power, speed, endurance, strength, movement patterns, and much more in a manner that fits as closely to the realities of your sport as possible.

100%FIT are experienced at developing detailed training programmes for improving your game and overall performance. This service is highly tailored to your specific needs as an individual and mapped against the specific needs of your chosen sport.

Read more from the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association.


‘Unleash Your Inner Athlete’

“I already trained regularly but wanted some direction for how to get strong. Scott devised me a 12 week programme of 2, 1 hour training sessions per week. We tested back squats, deadlift and bench press in the first and last week with me adding 82.5kg to my original total in that time. Scott’s technique cues massively improved my lifting and he made getting stronger seem easy! My mobility has also improved and I feel a lot more athletic meaning I am now tearing up my weekly 5 a side league, cheers Scotty!”

Tristan Grant

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"I owe my basketball career to Scotty!"

I had always been big, physical and relatively strong but lacked the athleticism to play basketball the way I wanted.

Scott knew exactly what to do. He has made me stronger, more powerful, improved my movement and completely transformed my jumping ability. This has all transferred into much better performance on court and I am also now competing in dunk contests too which I always wanted to. Basically, I owe my basketball career to Scotty. Thanks Coach!

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