My rehabilitation service is something that I have developed and improved over time. Having worked in the personal training and coaching industry for many years, I always have great satisfaction when helping individuals improve and regain their bodies. This includes recovering from injuries, operations as well as managing conditions.

As I have progressed in my career the rehabilitation element has become something that has fascinated me more and more. I am continuingly learning new rehabilitation techniques and educating myself on recovery, meaning I can offer my clients the very best service and they can get best results possible with me.




My rehabilitation services are split into 3 sections;

  1. Stroke Rehabilitation– for stroke survivors that have been discharged from hospital or other healthcare services and want to continue their stroke recovery.
  2. Exercise rehabilitation– for those recovering from injuries, accidents, operations or managing conditions or diseases such as Parkinsons.
  3. Elderly Mobility– for elderly people who are struggling with movements, mobility, confidence or independence.

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