Optimise recovery from exercise blog

Optimising Recovery From Exercise

Optimising recovery from exercise should be an integral part of any programme, especially currently with many people training with more frequency. This means that not only do we have to consider the right nutrition strategies to allow our muscles to recover; we have to consider how to protect our joints and programme our training to […]

Covid 19 Lockdown Training Blog

Covid 19 Lockdown Training

With Covid 19 causing a worldwide lockdown we’re living in unprecedented times. These are my thoughts on training during this period. Let me start by saying its so far so good in my household in terms of health. I’m incredibly thankful for this as I know many people haven’t been as fortunate. As a family […]


Building And Maintaining Muscle As We Age

Building and maintaining muscle as we age. Building and maintaining muscle becomes that little bit harder as we age. One of the most important things to consider as we hit middle age is that there is a shift in our nutritional requirements. At the most fundamental level our resting metabolic rate starts to drop, meaning […]