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Is all stress negative?

I’ve previously posted about how and why stress can be damaging to both your mental and physical health if we don’t gain appropriate control over the situation. But, is all stress negative?

Many people see all stress as equal and view it as negative. However, one of the most important shifts in my own mentality that has made me be able to cope with stress, and an idea that is actually supported by research, is that certain types of stress can be good if we choose to perceive it that way…

Think of it this way: You may have a job that comes with pressure and stress, but why does that exist? It typically exists because you will have increased power and responsibility, perhaps a team or an entire business that is reliant on you, or you are an important part of a team that is reliant on you in some way to succeed. In these situations then the stress, if you think about it, is actually a positive. It shows people put trust and faith in you to get the job done and they value your role in the process… even if it often doesn’t feel that way.

The same can be said for stress from home, friends or family. If you are the person who everyone relies on, turns to in difficult times, why is that? Perhaps because you are a person who is a problem solver, they trust, they perceive as strong and always gives good advice.

Stress can also be a massive motivator, look at how your favourite sports stars thrive on the pressure of competition channeling it with a positive mindset to produce incredible performances!

Although it’s easier said than done this shift in our perception of certain types of stress can actually help eliminate the potential long term health issues often associated with stress… in fact there is some research to suggest that those who perceived this type of stress in a positive way, happen to generally live longer happier lives even than those with lower stress levels!

I am a personal trainer based in Poole, Dorset working with and supporting individuals and small groups in all areas of fitness, health and lifestyle.


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